My work focuses on strong bonds, highlighting friendships as chosen family, and depicting activities spent with friends that may seem mundane as precious. In my portraits, I aim to capture a simple moment and make it special. Through size and color, the subject is elevated in importance. Easy, carefree moments with friends are invaluable to me, and I want my audience to pull that emotion and care from my work.

The figure is most important to me not only for their role in a significant relationship, but also to express feeling. I enjoy painting the figure and being able to capture the emotion of the subject. Direct eye contact with the viewer suggest a familiarity which I choose to convey. My work is mostly figural, focusing on relationships.

Color is a large part of my art; I look for nonrepresentational color throughout the piece and exaggerate the colors given. Color is a highly expressive element, and I intend to capture positive tones with it. This can be done through abstraction of representational color and the pairing of colors according to color theory.

The relationships we make in life define us, and should be treated with care. My artistic goal is to express love and care for the close ties I have made and to translate that feeling to the viewer.


2018        Painting BFA, Arizona State University, Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts, Tempe, AZ



2018        Same As It Ever Was, Gallery 100, Tempe, AZ

2018        Not So Secret Fest, Amp ASU, Secret Garden, Tempe, AZ

2017        Point of View, Noble Science and Engineering Library, ASU, Tempe, AZ

2017        Concert Art Setup, Secret Garden, ASU, Tempe, AZ

2016        Wall art display, King Coffee, Tempe, AZ


Awards and Honors

2015-18    Honors Studio Award

Published Work

2019 Shaders the Show Dog by Lupe Felix